Welcome to The Family Fire!

If you are searching for a place to learn how to move your family toward financial independence at a young age without making drastic sacrifices in your prime years, you’ve come to the right place.

I created this blog to help families who are inspired by the financial independence movement but wonder if FI is possible to attain if you’re not a 20-something high-income bachelor.

I plan to write about what I know. My family is a military family and I will certainly discuss both the benefits and the challenges that come with our service. I will write about Real Estate Investment as we own multiple income-producing rental properties which are a big part of our FI strategy. I will write about our experiences with travel-hacking, one of our new-found hobbies since we stumbled upon it after finding this community. I will write about our hobbies and the experiences we find and create that enhance our lives and are the reason we strive for FI. And I will write about the mistakes we have made and will continue to make on our journey.

My goal is to provide alternative solutions for families seeking their own paths to financial independence. I welcome comments and feedback on any medium and especially value examples of how families struggle to follow a FIRE path or problems which require creative solutions.