2019 Goal Progress – January

2019 Goal Progress – January

At the beginning of the month, I resolved to write two blog posts a week and work out three times a week. Today’s the last day of January, so how did I do?

In a word, meh.

In each case, I can make an argument that I either barely succeeded or failed miserably.

On the blog front, this is my 9th post of the month so I’m right there on the line for a 4 ½ week month! Conversely, however, my posts have been irregular and a struggle, to say the least. I had imagined that I would be an article or two ahead of my self-imposed publishing quota and would have my finished articles queued to post at set intervals. In reality, I was missing my target posting dates pretty much every time. Reasons for this are varied, including a work trip, some outstanding DIY work on our home, and family time on the evenings and weekends. Mostly though, I just under-estimated the amount of time I’d spend writing each post.

The reason for this is that my first few posts were ones which told my story, and therefore required zero research. This month, I’ve been trying to write more engaging, widely applicable, posts that require some research to support my understanding and point of view on the various topics. I’m undecided on whether this means I should continue to try to meet my somewhat arbitrary goal of 2 per week or slightly tweak the goal based on my more recent experiences. I’ll report back on what I’ve decided next month.

On the fitness front, I’ve done slightly better. Starting from the first “full” week of the month, I’ve accomplished the 3 workouts per week goal. My workout days have even been fairly regular, mostly Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. There was one Sunday in there that I counted a family ski trip as my workout, but I think that should count, right?

I’ve seen a lot of progress on my running and overall, I just feel better throughout the day. Something I’ve been thinking about doing is signing up for a 10K or half marathon. I think it would be more motivating to have a specific event that I’m training for rather than just making it to the gym on certain days.

How are you doing on your 2019 goals or resolutions? Have you given up, are you going strong, or somewhere in between?

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